French Pastry Haute Couture Tastings
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We are happy to introduce you to Pastry Chef Simon Herfray's "French Pastry Haute Couture Tastings"!

By French'Encas

Upcoming Events
​Friday February 10th
6.30pm - 8.30pm
French'Encas Kitchen

"Valentine's Day" 

More events coming every month!
One evening, one "theme"

Join our social/interactive events and let our French Pastry Chef initiate you to Haute Couture Pastries, just like in Paris!

Experience a unique pastry "happy hour", with wines offer of course!

Each guest will go home with some treats!
in New York City!
Simon Herfray
Pastry Chef & Owner

Next events:

Friday March 10th
       "Chocolate Night"

Friday April 7th
       "French Classic Revisited"